A sculpture of a man wearing a hat.

Sponsor Spotlight: Rehab 2 Perform

Recently, we stopped by Columbia’s Rehab 2 Perform location to meet with CEO Dr. Josh Funk and learn more about the business, a sponsor of the Downtown Columbia Partnership.

Wow, were we impressed. There was an energy and spirit to the place that was contagious. Watching the staff work with clients the morning we were there, we witnessed a level of care and attention that was inspiring.

A sculpture of a man wearing a hat.

Seeking an opportunity to change the physical therapy experience to be more like a training room than a doctor’s office, Rehab 2 Perform was created in 2014 in Frederick, Md., and now has seven locations throughout the region. Focusing on rehabilitating through movement rather than primarily managing pain, R2P’s aim is to better serve competitive athletes, active adults, and those looking to become more active in their lives. Services include sports rehabilitation, physical therapy, concussion care, recovery, wellness, and even golf fitness. All major insurances are accepted. The operation cares to individual needs and specific issues to get everyone back to performing to their best.

Ready for Your Rehab

R2P’s Columbia location opened in November of 2021. Like other locations, it really does have the look and feel of a fitness center and training room rather than a doctor’s office, sporting a red, white, and black look that’s energetic and fresh. The facility features a variety of equipment, a turf run, and other elements for folks to use to get back to peak performance as quickly as possible.

A sculpture of a man wearing a hat.

One could easily forget the focus is on rehabilitation, and just jump in for a workout. Framed tee shirts from local teams and sporting events decorate the walls — we spotted a Girls on the Run shirt! Whiteboards list out rehab routines for individual sessions. Staff document progress on laptops as they guide workouts. Here and there, the walls present motivational quotes, like the company’s specific encouragement, “Be > Yesterday” (available on merch). From the moment one walks in the door, one senses a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. It feels like the right place to be.

The Columbia site is conveniently located at 9881 Broken Land Parkway, Suite 103, on the ground floor of an office building with plenty of parking (including a number of charging stations right outside its windows — convenient, for sure). The location is easily accessed from I95 via Rt. 32, and is just a minute or so east along Brokenland Parkway from Downtown Columbia.

A sculpture of a man wearing a hat.

R2P’s Mission

“Rehab 2 Perform’sâ„¢ mission is to ensure that you reduce the risk of re-injury and are empowered with the tools you need to be physically active, and achieve performance in the areas that matter to you.

“A hybrid between traditional physical therapy and personal training, Rehab 2 Performâ„¢ provides solutions to improve movement, increase physicality and help you perform in all areas of life. With an emphasis on education and physical competency, we cater to athletes of all backgrounds – from beginners and youth to professional athletes and weekend warriors alike.”

Have a Look and Learn:

Check out this brief video (3 mins.) to learn a little more about Rehab 2 Perform and what they offer, including testimonials from those they have served.


Monday-Thursday: 7am to 7pm
Friday: 7am to 5pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed


9881 Broken Land Parkway
Suite 103
Columbia, MD 21046



Phone: (301) 798-4838 x7

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